With Platform Instruments model, we take complete responsibility for operations delivery through IT governance best practices. We believe in building lasting partnerships based on trust and transparency. Platform Instruments’ three phased flexible approach enables our clients to de-risk any outsourcing challenges and allows sufficient time for cultural integration between two organizations.

Initial Phase & Setup

Identifying key business objectives, scope and skills to be outsourced vs to keep in house are vital considerations for any outsourcing. Outsourcing is often IT internal strategy and cannot afford business to suffer hence de-risking any potential teething issues is key. This phase enables our customers to pilot and ensure right alignments.

Offshore Operations

While we have proven delivery model and best practices, we do acknowledge the need to adopting our customers IT culture. This phase enables maturing engagement further and establishing strong governance through KPIs.

Outcome based model

This phase mostly focuses on the long term association and the establishment of an ODC set-up.

Platform Instruments Service commitments

Transparent and outcome based pricing model
Our vision is to establish long-term trusted partnerships
End to end IT delivery offerings
Well established knowledge transfer methodology and governance to minimize risks and increase productivity
Delivery model that ensure client proximity to provide a local presence and cultural integrity
Strong management and technical leadership